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For more than 30 years, the team at A. E. business brokers have been selling businesses with annual revenues from $1 million to $40 million.

We are highly experienced and professional business brokers in the real estate marketplace who consistently achieve successful business sales for our clients, attracting qualified buyers and achieving higher than expected exit values.

We offer free initial valuations and a no- sale no-fee brokerage package.

Sell your

Your decision to put your business up for sale is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. To secure the best possible outcome in the successful sale of a business for maximum market value, it is of paramount importance that you work with a team dedicated to sale negotiation, whilst achieving your other exit goals.

Many business owners exiting their businesses want to ensure that the new owner will honor the values the business had traded with and protect the staff that have been loyal to them. We can help find the best potential business buyers and a good business broker for your business sale, ensuring successful sales whatever your exit goals are.

Click the orange button to get your business appraisal, this will cost you nothing and there is no further obligation.

We know that there are no shortcuts toyour success.

Selling your business quickly, confidentially and at the highest value takes persistence, professionalism and experience, backed by a high level of service and resources.
Business Opportunity Sale experts A.E. Business specialise in selling organisations throughout the UK.

Our highly professional team with over 30 years of experience in Business Sales serves the needs of both business buyers and sellers discretely and professionally. Our complete package of services includes valuation, negotiation, and co-ordination in order to sell quickly, confidentially, and for the maximum value in the sale marketplace to potential business buyers.

Unlike other brokers we work on a No Sale No Fee basis which means that we only get paid when you sell your business.


How to sell your  business? 

Learn how to sell your business effectively

Business Valuation

We would be pleased to carry out a free confidential business valuation for you.

Simply telephone us free on +1 617-9821-870 to arrange an appointment with an experienced valuation expert or simply click on free business valuation to complete a form and we will contact you in confidence.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

What does a business broker do?

A business broker assists in the buying and selling of businesses. They are crucial in facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers in the online business, providing various services to ensure the process runs smoothly. Here's what a business broker typically does:

  1. Valuation of the Business
  2. Marketing The Business For Sale:
  3. Screening Potential Buyers:
  4. Negotiation of the Sale Of The Business
  5. Coordination of the Business Sales Process
  6. Closing the Sale:
  7. Ensuring Funds Are Transferred

What does a business broker charge?

Not all business brokers use the same charging model; some will charge professional fees for the time they spend on each activity related to the sale of businesses and successful sales to buyers.

We advise always going with a broker who does not charge fees unless the sale is completed. A No Sale No Fee basis is the name of this kind of brokerage offering for potential business buyers and successful sales.

Using a NO-Sale-No-Fees model, you can expect to pay between 10% and 15% of the business's eventual sales price. A broker offering this charging scheme will initially offer you a free business valuation or appraisal in the sale marketplace. Our recommended valuation service, for potential business buyers and sale businesses, can be accessed by clicking this link.. It is crucial for successful sales in the sale marketplace.



Should I sell my business?

When considering whether to sell your business in the successful sales marketplace, evaluating your motivations is crucial. There are many different reasons successful business owners decide to sell their businesses in the sale marketplace. The most common include

  • Wanting to Retire
  • Needing to Release Capital for Other Projects
  • Partnership Breakdowns
  • Need to Free Up Time
  • Wanting to Sell the Business at its' Peak

Whatever your reason, the starting place will always be the same. Always start by understanding the true value of your business in the sale marketplace by

Clicking this free valuation link

Getting a business appraisal near me.

Many business owners wrongly believe they need to find a local business appraiser. This is not the case, with modern technology you could be getting your business appraised from the other side of the world, although perhaps it is better to stick with an American business brokerage company offering a free appraisal and  a no win no fee sales deal.  If you want to get you business appraised Click this free valuation link

Finding a broker to sell my business.

Finding a business broker to sell you business for you can be difficult. We suggest you use a broker that offers a free valuation service without any further comitment to use them. They should alsso offer a no sale no fees contract and only be rewarded for actually selling your business. To get your free valuation from a broker with over 30 years experience of selling more than $2bn of business click this link

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